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With aloha we invite you to experience House of the Palms, a tropical dreamscape 15 minutes from downtown Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island.

PalmCasa de Las Palmas (House of the Palms) is one of the world's great private tropical palm gardens. It's a Jurassic world of lush palms, colorful tropical plants and scented flowers.

The gardens have never before been open to the public.

This completely private estate is available for garden tours, film shoots, wedding photography, and as a romantic destination for exclusive events, small weddings and elopements.

Film Shoots & Wedding Photography

House of the Palms offers:

  • • Complete privacy and a mosquito-free environment with easy access from Hilo
  • • Mid-century style home overlooking a waterfall
  • • A clifftop gazebo
  • • Lava-rock paths and walkways
  • • Waterfalls and a natural plunge pool
  • • Multiple location options ranging from manicured gardens to rainforest jungle
  • • Catering available

With 30+ years experience in television and film production we will make sure you have everything you need to make your shoot a success!


  • “This exceptional garden on a slope of the volcanic giant Mauna Loa envelopes the visitor in an encyclopedic array of plants, coaxing atmosphere of exploration, and a soundscape of rushing water and rustling palms.”
    ‘Designing with Palms’ – Timber Press 2018
  • “A dreamscape of palms & tropical foliage plants collected from around the world.”
    Jason Dewees
  • “Layers of miniature ferny palms and giant leaf litter collecting species in the understory, with clusters of palms at moderate scale & towers of canopy palm trees, plunge the visitor into a benevolent, surreal museum of burgeoning world palm flora.”
    ‘Designing with Palms’ – Timber Press 2018


We offer 2 hour private garden tours for groups of 2-8, including morning or afternoon tea/coffee and light refreshments.
Price per person: $45

  • • A mature botanical collection of rare palms, cycads and philodendrons
  • • Intimate weddings for groups of up to 8 people. Contact us for pricing
  • • Use of private apartment for hair/ makeup, and pre-wedding preparations
  • • Catering and refreshments available
*Parking is available for 4 vehicles

Designing with Palms
As featured in the book "Designing with Palms" by Jason Dewees.

House of the Palms has an extraordinary collection of mature and rare palms & cycads including:

Marojejya darianii, Borassodendron machadonis, Hydriastele beguinii, Iriartea gigantea, Socratea exorrhiza, Arenga undulatifolia, Licuala orbicularis, Archontophoenix purpurea, Dypsis marojejy, Copernicia rigida, Kerriodoxa elegans, Phoenicophorium borsigianum, Dypsis lanceolata, Euterpe oleracea, Aiphanes horrida, Ravenea sp giant, Lepidozamia peroffskyana, Llicuala ramsayi, Salacca zalacca, Caryota mitis, Syagrus amara, Dioon mejiae, Sabal mauritiiformis, Pelagodoxa henryana, Verschaffeltia splendida, Tahina spectabilis, Metroxylon sagu, Siphokentia beguinii.